Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government

Coronavirus Business Liaison Unit


The Coronavirus Business Liaison Unit has been created in Treasury to build on existing efforts to support confidence, employment and business continuity.

The Unit is engaging with peak business and industry groups on systemic issues arising from Coronavirus to ensure these are being brought to the attention of Government. The Unit is hearing from business on a regular basis and providing updates to Government, focusing on crucial issues where the Government may be able to undertake additional work to support what business is doing.

The Unit supplements existing efforts within Treasury and the Government and works closely with the Chief Medical Officer, the Department of Health and the National Coordination Mechanism in the Department of Home Affairs, as well as other agencies across Government.

As the Unit engages with peak business and industry, it is important to be in contact with your relevant industry body to provide feedback.

The Unit is also providing up to date information on the Government’s response to COVID-19 and the actions that Government is taking to support business and industry across Australia, which can be found through the below links.


To contact the Coronavirus Business Liaison Unit, email

Further information is regularly updated to give you the latest news, updates, and advice from government agencies across Australia. provides information on financial assistance, eligibility, and timing for the new government support for Australian businesses.

The Treasury provides information on the Australian Government’s economic response to COVID-19 in Australia.

The Department of Health provides information on how the Australian Government is monitoring and responding to the outbreak, how you can help slow the spread of COIVID-19 in Australia and what do if you have symptoms.

Services Australia provides information on how to apply for government payments and services.

The Australian Tax Office provides information on assistance measures available, including, but not limited to, early release of superannuation, boosting cash flow for employers and increasing instant asset write-off.

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