Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government

Employment conditions


Employees of the Treasury are covered by the Treasury Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021. Asummary of benefits is below.

Corporate strategies to support the Enterprise Agreement

  • Delivering competitive pay and conditions to attract and retain high performing and high potential staff.
  • An integrated approach to corporate planning to better manage workflows, risks, people and finances.
  • Nurturing and strengthening our core organisational capabilities through investment in professional development.


  • Competitive salary arrangements.
  • Performance-based salary advancement.
  • Broadbanding available to move between APS levels 1–4 and APS level 5–6 based on performance and work availability.
  • Access to flexible remuneration packaging.


  • Standard working week of 38 hours with a 7am–7pm daily bandwidth.
  • Flextime for APS level staff.
  • Time off in lieu arrangements for Executive Level staff.
  • Overtime payable to APS 1–6 staff, with penalty rates ranging from 125 per cent to 200 per cent.


  • 20 days annual leave each year, accrued daily.
  • Options to cash out annual leave.
  • Options to purchase leave or arrange sabbatical leave.
  • Christmas closedown period between Christmas Day and New Year's day.
  • 15 days of personal/carer's leave each year for ongoing employees.
  • Up to 16 weeks paid parental leave available at full pay or 32 weeks at half pay.
  • 10 days paid parenting leave for supporting partners.
  • Paid adoption and permanent foster care leave in line with parental leave provisions, and 5 days paid short term foster care leave.
  • Leave options for community or charity work.
  • Broad miscellaneous leave category to enhance workplace flexibility.


  • PSS accumulation plan (or choice) employer contribution of 15.4 per cent.


  • Temporary reassignment of duties allowance for acting arrangements over 4 weeks.
  • Overtime meal allowance.
  • First aid officer allowance.
  • Restriction allowance.
  • Provision for reimbursement of family care arrangements which arise from directed travel or work outside the staff member's normal pattern of work.

Health, wellbeing and work life balance

  • $600 annual Lifestyle Contribution to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Access to flexible working arrangements including part time, job sharing and home based work arrangements, subject to operational requirements.
  • Access to a range of health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Access to onsite childcare facilities and a dedicated carer's room.
  • Accredited as a breastfeeding friendly workplace with provision for nursing breaks for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Access to reimbursement of eyeglass lenses for screen based work.
  • Access to a free confidential counselling service.
  • Access to a dedicated quiet room for reflection, prayer and meditation.

Professional development

  • Established performance management system and career development system.
  • Generous study assistance arrangements including financial assistance of up to $2750 per semester and up to 6 hours per week in study leave.
  • Range of in house training and leadership development programs.
  • Comprehensive graduate development program.
  • Opportunities to access scholarships and study awards.

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