Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government

Secondment program


Treasury has an extensive secondment program that offers rewarding and challenging mobility opportunities. The program enables the temporary exchange of staff between Treasury and other Australian and international organisations, private sector, academia and other agencies within the public service, including state and territory Treasury departments. Our secondment program builds organisational leadership and positive cultural change by connecting staff and exposing them to new ideas, alternative leadership styles, diverse approaches to policy-making and the challenges and practicalities of implementing policy decisions. Inbound secondees may be based in our offices across Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, generally for periods of 6 to 12 months. Secondees remain employees of their home organisation and continue to receive their full salary and benefits. All assignment details, such as duration and duties to be performed, are negotiated between participating organisations and Treasury, and are included in a secondment agreement. To explore secondment opportunities with Treasury, please contact or +61 2 6263 2222 (option 3).

Photo of Ms Hourani

Diana Hourani, Seconded to Grattan Institute 'During my secondment with the Grattan Institute I applied my policy skills at an influential organisation focussed on communicating policy ideas effectively and persuasively.'

Photo of Ms WinNu Nu Win, Seconded to BHP 'Working at BHP has allowed me to apply my macroeconomic analysis and modelling skills to forecasting at a global commodities company. It has also deepened my understanding of how large businesses operate and the strategic issues they face.'

Photo of Mr MallyonPeter Mallyon, Seconded to Treasury from KPMG 'I thoroughly recommend taking up a secondment at Treasury. The program provided me with the opportunity to better understand how government develops policy. It was also a chance to share my commercial perspective on a range of economic and financial issues.'
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