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Food and Grocery Code Independent Reviewer


Mr Chris Leptos AM is the Independent Reviewer under the Food and Grocery Code.

As part of changes to strengthen the Code in 2020, the Independent Reviewer oversees dispute resolution between suppliers and major retailers or wholesalers.

Based on issues raised by suppliers, the Independent Reviewer also works with retailers and wholesalers to improve practices in the food and grocery industry.


Suppliers must first take complaints to a retailer or wholesaler’s Code Arbiter.

Suppliers dissatisfied by the handling of complaints can refer matters to the Independent Reviewer.

The Independent Reviewer can:

  • decide whether to investigate
  • seek further information
  • recommend the Code Arbiter reconsider the case
  • refer the matter to the ACCC if a possible breach of the Code has occurred.

About the Independent Reviewer

Mr Chris Leptos AMChris Leptos is an experienced company director. Earlier in his career, Chris was the Managing Partner Government of Ernst & Young, and a Senior Partner with KPMG.

Prior to a career in management consulting Chris was the head of Corporate Development for Western Mining Corporation (WMC) where he was responsible for development activities across WMC’s global operations.

Chris has worked and lived in China, Indonesia, Japan and Canada.

Contact Us

Grocery Code Independent Reviewer
C/- Market Conduct Division
The Treasury
Langton Crescent


Please use the below webform if you would like to make an enquiry to the Independent Reviewer. Please ensure you include your contact details.

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